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badassHow I Got Started

This is me at age 8. You hear lots of stories about kids that grew up wakeboarding and spent every day on the water. That wasn't really the case with me. Yeah we had a boat but we were your classic weekenders...I would wakeboard with my family when we were up at my lakehouse in Wisconsin, but that was about it. Basically I was out riding a few times every other week. I started out skiing, cause that's what my dad was into, and one day I saw a kid wakeboarding and I wanted to try it. We went out, demo'd a board, and I pretty much decided I was not a skier, I was a wakeboarder. But still, for a couple of years, it was pretty much a weekend thing. Then, in Fall of 2010 we attended the USA Wakeboard National Championships. I got to watch some of the best amateur riders out there. I remember clearly going there, watching these guys and girls that were such amazing riders, but thinking to myself, "I think I can do that". Well, that was it. We came home, brought our boat back home so I could ride more often, and I started riding all I could. But the season ended faster than I wanted, and in Spring of 2011, I attended a week of wakeboard training at The Boarding School. I came back from that school even more motivated to learn. I took the jump start they gave me and started training myself to make it to the elite level. Later that year, I won the 2011 USA Wakeboard Nationals in the Boys division, and the following year I qualified for the finals for the WWA World Championships in the Jr. Mens division. This last year was my rookie year in the Jr. Pro Division. I lost a few weeks due to a tonsillectomy, but made some good progress during the year. I have my sights set high for 2014 where I intend to make my mark in the Jr. Pro Division.